Work Hard ,play HARD, i said BOHT HARD

11 days to go, for the BOARDS , i repeat BOARDS! . And what i am doing? letting these 2 bastards playing with my life! THIS IS WHAT ACTUALLY THEY WANT , HOW CAN I FORGOT THAT .

From today onwards – aka 18 feb , i will be doing the following things-

  1. Fuck them , i mean i don’t give a fuck about them. will try my best , i know i have a sort of OCD and PTSD but nothing can ome between me and my boards .
  2. First time i am believing in god , Oh god! please do justice to me !
  3. Whenever i get distracted i will just think abut my mom and dad
  4. and will keep a photo of my mom and dad with me
  5. Will be deleting all social media on 20 feb
  6. will study 14 hours a days ( starting with 6 hours today ) and 2 hours increment everyday till i reach the threshold of 14 hour
  7. I repeat , FUCK THE WORLD , and MAKE IT HEARD.
  8. DO it like that itis THE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD.
  9. Dont shout to your mother and father never
  10. also always keep clm and handover the all devices to your mother before 20 feb

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