Aman Patel- An evil person who should rot in hell .

There are no words to describe the deeds of Aman Patel. We everyday read in the newspaper that the crime rate among teenagers is increasing abruptly and the people like aman patel are fully and wholesomely responsible for this. The people like him are real threat to our society , their mentality is like of a heinous criminal. In my case , this persons doings are very mind torturing , hurting, and is a cowardly shameful and an extreme punsihable act of teasing and torturing someone for their own good.

Now the question arises what this person did to me – the answer is very bad , that bad that you can’t even imagine what he had done to me and is still doing without any fear , and a very great thanks to MANVI TIWARI in helping him too in his evil plan to destroy , why thanking you ? cause i told you all my secrets , all my mental problems like PTSD and OCD , but you use all this information with aman to destroy me mentally and TO RUIN MY LIFE. Manvi you know very well how sensitive i was and how caring i was for the persons i gave too much importance , but you , yes you , above all this , fuck me over and over again and this time you are with a person for whom i had fight with you previoulsy and now it became clear why you said no to me , but to be clear i am not sad for this , i am sad with you for choosing a criminal mind over a soft minded person and helping him to destroy your so called “Best friend” . You know i had enough proofs to destroy your life too , but i am a human not a EVIL SPIRIT LIKE YOUAND YOUR BOYFRIEND.

You will be soon repenting over your choice manvi , cause when that criminal mind fully uses you and dump you outta nowhere.

Now lets talk about what Aman Patel actually do .

The mister and his current mistress started talking when the mistress was in IIT for some sort of workshop and her friends prank called the mister . Soon after they begin talking daily( previously i thought it was Aman Joshi cause Manvi said so but thanks MAHI SINGH FOR clearing who the actual guy was) at that time i got very angry at her but didn’t say a word more cause she started crying when i told her about what mahi said to me, at that time i don’t know that these tears are crocodile’s tears. I forget to wrote that manvi told me abput him in late june and the after the few days , i had an arguement with Aman Patel over her ,and this person clearly says-(translated in english by me cause i don’t remember the actual words and i am omitting the abuses )


At that time i didn’t take him seriously cause i thought manvi will unnderstand me , but i don’t know the seeds of destroying me were actually planted .

Before saying anything more , there are 2 possibilties of manvi’s involvement in this , i am saying this because i still can’t believe she is involved in this , but my basic instinct says she is .

  1. Either she is too stupid that she is being used my aman patel
  2. she is a evil mind too who planned to destroy my soul .

will write more after returning from school

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