To my friends , family and especially police in case something happens to me-

Hey there , after a row of heartbreaking news and incidents , my verdict is that i am in a real danger.

On 5 JAN , I had an accident that could even killed me and 2 days later i got a message that” some people will be very happy if i actually died on the spot”. At that time only 4-5 friends of mine known that incident so it shook me to ground that my ACCIDENT WAS ACTUALLY PLANNED , the messages of the same type keeps flooding my inbox and yesterday it was discovered that the person who is doing such heinous crime is none other than MANVI’S BOYFRIEND AMAN PATEL.

I am really terrified now , if he could try to kill me, than after knowing that i now know the truth , he will try to kill me again . Maybe i am exaggerating , but yes it is truth and i swear to GOD THAT MANVI IS TOO INVOLVED IN THIS.

Also , if one of them try to accuse me of something or make false claims that i do this or that , please dont believe them. I think Manvi must take an advantage of being a girl .

So if anyhting happens to  me now it will only because of AMAN PATEL and MANVI .

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